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by nxtboyIII at 9:01 PM
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I have added a new currency, "Coins." If you go to /warp coinshop you can see what you can buy with coins. To get coins, donate for them on the webstore under the "Coins" category. I have also removed everything from the webstore except ranks, rank upgrades, and coins.

by nxtboyIII at 7:24 AM
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I know there are a lot of bugs on the server right now, and I would like to make a list of them so I can know what I need to focus on.
Here is the list so far:
1 - Duping
2 - TNT cannoning sucks
3 - TPing into bases with water
4 - Donators not getting their one-time items

by Chaseisgr8 at 12:45 AM
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Well it's my time to write one of these. It seems that almost all staff come around to doing this. Hmmm, wonder why? You would have noticed that nxt is never on, and can barely call himself an owner. He has done close to nothing for the community other than the pure essentials. The server has just lost its pizazz, and has become one of the poorly managed servers I have ever layed eyes upon. It was fun back when my lads played, but all my friend's have quit and the server is fulled with annoying kids who think they know better than staff. I simply can't be fkd to respond to all the bull crap that happens on the server. If nxt doesn't do anything why should I? Why should anyone? I have gotten close to ZERO benefits to being a member of the staff team, and after nearly a year of service, I have only just received my admin tag.

There is no reward for being staff, and it is not fun. Please delete your staff applications and go elsewhere if your looking to be staff. Recently nxt has...
by xXChriistaXx at 6:40 AM
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Hello Blayze PvP community.

This paragraph was posted by Edge before this reset and I copy/pasted it instead of making a new one.
It has been quite a short time in between this reset and the potential upcoming one, but this reset has been extremely corrupt and I think it's time for a new one just to get rid of all the duped items and other non- legit items, which there has been alot of this reset.

Just to get a rough estimation of the ratio of people who want a reset, please use the voting poll provided. A reset will mean a fresh start.

A reset includes, but is not limited to the map being wiped clean (meaning all bases will be gone, allowing players no advantages) and all the items being removed. However donor ranks etc will remain.

by Chaseisgr8 at 2:02 AM
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Edge and I have no perms, we can't really help anyone with much. Nor can we actually play much. If we can't help players, and if we cant play, what is there to do. Please vote if you think we should have some more perms.

Nxt I know your reading and saying "no". I knew this when I created this thread. I just want you to see the poll, and hopefully you will realize that the server is only going downhill.